Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I am still learning how to do this blog thing and I screwed this up, so the order that this was suppose to be in is jacked, but, here are a few pics of the monsters, (and the elk too)!!!!
When we got them home, it took alot less muscle to get them off the trailer than it did to get them up in Greg's truck and only Cameron had to come over and help us. Mike and Mason had to pose with the monsters before they went to the butcher. Yes, you are seeing things right, Hunter is trying to poke his eye out. EEEEWWW Gross!!!
Are these not just the cutest kids you have ever laid eyes on and they love the animals they get to brag about just as much as daddy does. The pictures below are just more of this trip, and yes, Mason is brushing their teeth???? Did you notice the price of fuel in the back ground? That was for 85 octane, this was expensive meat baby. We have a picture of the three of us that braved out the storms and cold for these babies and then we have a pic of the guys that got to load them up and be proud that they were a part of such a great trip!!! Greg should have not been such a sissy and stayed up there with us, but, he's "in love" and had to get home!!!

More of the hunt


Now these are what you call friends!!! We went elk hunting this year and a few of the guys had to go home because their spouse or family in general required it. There were three of us that stayed, the real "men" of the crowd: Giles, Mason and Giles wife. We were down to our last day of the hunt and well, the guys were more about getting the trailers and stuff down off the mountain before the blizzard hit and we had to leave out trailers up at hoop lake for the winter, it was Friday night and we were taking one final 4 wheeler ride for the evening before we headed back to camp to "tie one last one on" before we went packing the next day. The boys had "left me in the dust" and I was just kind of hanging back a little ways when all of a sudden, I had this uncontrollable urge to stop and take a look at mother nature... Two days before, we were having some target pratice because the hunt, well, sucked!!! A good friend of ours somehow managed to mess up the scope on my rifle, but, I took it along on this ride anyhow and boy am I glad that I did. As the boys were a piece in front of me, I stopped and was just taking a look at the meadow lands we were near, and to my surprize, there about 800 yards out I spotted an elk, a real live elk and guess what, that's what we were there to hunt. I could not trust my eyes, so I took my gun off it's rack knowing that my scope was messed up, but I might be able to get a better look. As I was looking through my scope, my wonderful husband just happend to turn around to see how far in the dust I was and if I was ok. When he noticed that I had my scope up, he immediatly took out his rifle, so did Mason. Both the boys were able to get shots off with no avail, we went back to camp and had a few drinks and boasted about the fact that we got shots when no body else did cuz they went home. We had a great time around the kitchen table that night because it was just too damn cold to hang out outside. The next morning, we contemplated packing up or heading out for one more try, as most of you know, we are too stupid to pack up and go home, so we went out looking for those that we got a shot at the night before. Guess what, they were in the same area and the boys were able to drop two of them, would have been three but somebody had a jacked up scope, oh well. After they fell, we all sat and wondered what the hell are we going to do now??? There's only three of us and one of them is a girl, how are we going to get these two massive animals out of here??? Well, of course the boys had to call their friends and brag about what they had done, and that they were in a spot. I tell you what, I have never in my life experienced more awesome friends that the ones who put all they had going in their lives aside to make the three hour drive, weathering the storm that mother nature had put upon us and also for the two hours that they sat at the gate that had the highway closed just to be able to come and help us get the animals out. After hours of wrestling the elk, we all smelled like we had lived in the woods all our lives and never bathed, and when they were loaded, our great friends all said "we'll see ya back in the city, we have to get home to our families" and took off. They were not in it for any reason other than to help us retrieve our animals and to say we were there for you and we now know someone who took out a big elk this season. We owe a great big thanks to our good friends: Cameron, Merril, Greg. We could have never done it without you guys. THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES THAT ALLOWED YOU TO COME AND HELP US!!! You mean the world!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

These are my keepers!!! (The fish too!!!)

Daddy went fishing again and this time it took him too Soda Springs, Idaho. It is just outside of Lava Hot Springs.
Upon arrival of the day, it was a heat wave of 5 degrees. Even though the temperature was frigid, the fishing was HOT!!!
For myself, it was actually "off the hook" meaning that every time I threw my line in the water, there was yet another fish that I had to reel in and take off the hook. My buddies were getting upset with me because I was a fish slayer and they were just fish spectators.
The largest fish that I brought home was a whopping 8lbs. 13 oz. and the bad thing about that fish is that it was too small to even place in the tournament that I was entered in. We were throwing back more 4 and 5 pounders that you could shake a stick at. I must admit that when you feed the fish the potatoes, well the fish get just as fat as we do off of the damn things.

Profile picture

So, I guess that I should explain this picture that will be on all the messages that I reply to anybody!!!

This is Brook and Hunter, they are our children and Brook is 8 now, while Hunter is 9. We were out swan hunting, in 2005 and when daddy slayed this ferocious beast, they were beside their father and wanted to know who got to carry it back and brag that they got to take daddy's kill from the marsh.

Brook and Hunter are the best "hunting buddies" that you could ever ask for. When they go out hunting they never ask "when we are going" or that "they are too cold" or "when are we going to eat", but when we shoot the animal, "do we get to help you gut the animal and when do we get to eat the animal dad????"

They are the most important part of our family and if they were not allowed to go hunting with us, well then I guess that we would probably just stop going all together. Well, Mike would still go, but I would stay home with the kids unless it was duck hunting season then mommy would probably go more than daddy would these days!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Stanley hotel

Well, Mike and I are on yet another vacation and this one leads us to the "Stanley Hotel" in Colorado. This is the hotel that the movie "The Shining" is inspired from. Not to worry, we are well away from all the ghosts.